The Mom of OZ: Strengthen home and family?

A friend of mine wrote this post, and all I can say is hell to the yes. I remember the dreams I had when I was young, and honestly it was so damn confusing once I got to my late teens. There were so many things that I wanted to do and try, and my parents were encouraging in my education. I even had a head-start on college. But as a Mormon, I learned in young women and relief society that spending your time as a wife and mother always needed to take precedence. Always.

I tried to live that Mormon ideal when I got married at 18- young enough to think that maybe I could still someday foster my talents outside the home, and obedient enough to feel guilty for even wanting to. What I’ve found after 2 kids and a second marriage is that I’m a much better wife and mother when I allow myself to use my talents and work on my individual dreams. And my daughter can learn from my example that she can shoot for the stars, and not have to trade in her dreams for a life at home with the kids unless that’s what her dream is. Empowering women makes for stronger families.