Scientology – Wikipedia

Have you read anything about Scientology? It has so many similarities to Mormonism… The ideas and doctrines are crazy. And they save the craziest stuff for the people that have sacrificed their time and money, and have been indoctrinated to a point that it would be difficult for them to leave once they are taught the “meat”. Sound familiar?

I’m all for a religions class in our schools that covers the beliefs of people throughout the ages. By all means, let’s study the devout obedient followers of faith and their basis for believing what they do. Hell, let’s make ourselves uncomfortable and study ideologies we may or may not agree with, especially the dangerous ones, and let’s compare them side by side. 

Because it has been confirmed time and time again that we as humans are capable of believing incredibly irrational and dangerous ideas that lack observable evidence, we should question everything that we believe or claim to know on a regular basis. Everything.