Otterson: Context Missing from Discussion about Women | Times & Seasons

This letter from the LDS public affairs to the Ordain Women movement sounds so similar to the “apologetic” rhetoric that I’ve been so readily exposed to. The claim that generally, things are being done well and correctly, a plea not to expect perfection, and yet another call for patience. 

OMG patience. I’m so sick of hearing that word. 

Inevitably, some will respond to a lengthy post like this with animosity or will attempt to parse words or misinterpret what I have said, “straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.” Nevertheless, I hope that we will see less cynicism and criticism, more respectful dialogue, more kindness and civility and more generosity of spirit as those members who are prone to use the Internet engage with each other. 

You see what he did there? Excellent PR right there. If anyone responds negatively after that statement, it will automatically be labelled antagonistic and disrespectful, even if his article didn’t address their concerns.

In any case, it seems to have worked.

I can hear the crickets singing after this short reply on the Ordain Women blog:

Oh, Ordain Women. I feel for you all. I can empathize with your pain. But the position is still one of assuming the church is true. Would it be offensive of me to say that I wish I could give you my blissful disaffection to take that pain away? 


A concerned Ex-Mormon