We haven’t received our official “you’re out” letters yet, but I was curious to look around my LDS.org account. The “directory” and “calendar” return with the “Access Denied” page. Under my account details, I was pleasantly pleased to see the notice that I’ve stated I’m not a member. There seems to be a link, though, to change your membership status… online?! That would be interesting. So if you have a change of heart, you could just “flip the switch” in theory.

Out of curiosity I clicked on the link. Nothing. Being a web person I figured that maybe the link only works in Internet Explorer (the boon of a web developers life, if you were wondering.) In IE, the styling was stripped, and the link wasn’t even clickable. Looking at the code, it seems that there is no URL on the link.

So maybe this is something from “under the hood” that they’re working on to allow people to become a member again really easily, and perhaps it was accidentally made live before the functionality was put in place. Makes sense to me. Make it difficult to remove your records and don’t even list the procedure for it online, but if someone wants to become a member again, just have them click a button! I’m sure that follow-up would be required per the leadership manual, but this could potentially ping your local leadership about your desire to come back.

Looks like there’s still some work to do though. They should pay their web developers some extra tithing money to get this thing working ASAP, don’t you think?