It Is Done



My husband and I just sat down and wrote our resignation letter to the LDS church. I honestly feel very somber right now, but I also feel liberated.

Most of what we put in our letter was taken from suggestions online of how to resign the most effectively and efficiently, but I knew that to gain…

Congratulations. This actually comes as a surprise to me. Some reason I thought you had already resigned. Probably  your blog title. Glad you and your husband are of one mind, I’ve seen too much trouble when 1 but not the other figures it out. Good luck exploring your future.

Thank you! I had planned on resigning a long time ago, but I held off for several reasons- partly because my husband wasn’t sure his dad (or his health) could handle it. But he’s had some good talks with him since, and we were both ready. And yes- I feel very lucky that my husband left with me. I’ve seen relationships end over it, and it’s so sad.