Leaving the church isn’t easy. Many of us have strong ancestral roots in Mormonism and many, if not all, of our family and friends could still be true believing members (TBM’s). That makes it difficult to have an outlet for your thoughts and feelings on transitioning out of the Mormon church.

Ex-Mormons Unite is an organization that seeks to help those who are leaving or considering leaving the LDS church by:

  • Directing people to local support groups of others leaving the faith
  • Encouraging communicate and understanding with loved ones to heal relationships
  • Promoting the presence of online communities that provide a safe place to talk about concerns
  • Providing financial means to seek professional help when needed
  • Promoting truth and transparency from the leadership of the Mormon church to their members and prospective members

We are not associated with or funded by any group, religious or otherwise. This site’s purpose is not to persuade anyone on the validity of Mormonism or other belief systems (as well as unbelief or atheism), though our group of bloggers may discuss our journeys  through belief or unbelief after leaving the LDS church. We respect the varied paths that people take after leaving. On our blog we hope to provide an outlet (anonymously for those who wish to remain so) for those who would like to discuss their journey and frustrations. We encourage you to share your own experiences in your discovery of Mormon history, discussions with church members, letters to your family, talks you’ve had with your children, your journey of faith (or lack thereof), discoveries and amusements that you’ve had since leaving, and other things related to the experience of leaving the church or doubting Mormon doctrine, policy, and history.

2014-06-29 23.32.00The founder and managing editor of Ex-Mormons Unite, Rachel Wilhelm, was a member of the church most all her life, and was a counselor in the primary in her ward when she decided to leave. In an effort to re-affirm her testimony, she stumbled across a great deal of troubling facts about church history and doctrine that shook the validity of the founding of the church for her, and much of which she was never taught in her time in the church. Coupling that with current and past church policies that were questionable to her and un-conducive to her desire to live with kindness, integrity, and charity, she decided that she could not in good conscience continue to attend.

If you’d like to contribute your story and/or thoughts to this blog, please visit the “contribute” section of the site. Your contributions will be reviewed before being posted.

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