There is no denying that the Bible is full of contradictions. Even as a Christian, I felt like the entire book of Leviticus was total bullshit. But, how could I believe whole-heartedly in something with so many flaws? God was supposed to be perfect, and this was his book, his law, shouldn’t it be perfect too? I understand that it has been translated and rewritten lots of times, but why wouldn’t the men and women rewriting it realize that they were rewriting contradictions? Basically, to cope with such a question, I had to pick and choose which parts of the Bible I wanted to believe, and that never sat right with me. It sat very wrong with me, like someone was trying to tip my chair over.

My Sunday school teacher told me that “The Bible is the weapon that God has given us to fight through life.” The Bible definitely made my life a fight. Do me a favor and google “Murder in the Bible”, you’ll find passages which justify killing pretty much every kind of person besides Christians. These people include gays, Jews, witches, adulterers, and many, many more. The Bible is definitely a weapon, but to remain morally sound, I had to choose to ignore these parts.

How Atheism Liberated Me as a Woman and a Feminist

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